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Hey guys!  Penny here.  It is a hot day today!  I appreciate being able to watch the All Kreatures kennel helpers work so hard to keep all of us hydrated and cool.  Even though it has been hot recently, we still think warm days are great!  They are great for going to the lake and playing, or hitting a local dog park!  Running and playing with other dogs can be so fun.  But can you guess what is not fun?  Accidently spreading bacteria through playtime and interaction with our friends!  Summertime is prime season to spread germs.

Recently, a new strand of canine influenza was introduced to us.  This respiratory disease has only been known to infect dogs.  No cases of canine influenza have been reported in humans.  The new strand, H3N8, is known to have started in horses over forty years ago.  Over years of mutation, it has been able to spread to dogs who stay in kennels and shelters and go to training classes and dog shows.

This is where All Kreatures takes the extra necessary steps to keep all of their animals happy and healthy.  They have set rules in place that all kennel staff follow closely.  Rule one is that no dogs play together.  All of our interaction is one on one with a human.  Not only does this allow us to have playtime completely dedicated to us, but it avoids any way of spreading germs.  Second, All Kreatures requires every dog who enters the facility to have the appropriate vaccinations.  Bivalent influenza is the first vaccine that we ask that your dog has.

The vaccination is given to puppies seven weeks of age or older.  This new formula is a chemically combined strand mixing the H3N2 and H3N8 virus to build up immunity to both common strands.  Veterinarians in Tennessee began giving the vaccine in early 2017.  It is not commonly included in their basic puppy shots.  Make sure to insist your Vet gives your pups this new vaccine!  Not only will it benefit by resisting the virus when visiting where other dogs frequent, but you will be able to board and groom here at All Kreatures anytime you’re ready.

All Kreatures strives to give top quality boarding and pet grooming service by providing top of the line customer service and specialized pet care to all furry friends that come to visit.  Playtimes are offered and encouraged so we can show you and your pet how much your family means to ours!  We ensure each pet that enters our “home away from home” has the necessary shot records to ensure the safety of all of our valued guest.  Well guys, I am off for a Nature Walk.  Until nest time!