Since 1995, All Kreatures has set the standard for Indoor Dog Boarding in Knoxville and the surrounding area. With our Conventional Boarding Kennels and the Kottages we can provide exactly the environment that will assure a good experience for your dog. We also offer a 15% discount to all Military with valid ID


Unlike traditional indoor/outdoor kennels, our enclosures are designed to allow your dog full use of their space at all times.


0-30 LBS:
 1st Dog: $35 – 2nd Dog: $30
31-100 LBS:
 1st Dog $40 – 2nd Dog: $30
101+ LBS:
1 Dog: $50 (only)


Recommended for Small and Geriatric Dogs

All Kreatures introduced luxury pet boarding to the Knoxville area with the addition of the Kottages in 2001. The Kottages represent the finest and most luxurious dog boarding imaginable.
Included in the daily boarding rate:
• Four Potty Breaks per Day
• Specialized Feeding
• Late Checkout (Excluding Sunday)


Daily Rate: $60
Additional Dog(s): $45


Recommended for Large and Giant Dogs

The Guest House was once the private kennels for the owner’s show dogs. Now used for dogs who need specialized attention and are too large for the Kottages or need easier access to outdoor yards. The Guest House includes four potty breaks, specialized feeding, medication administration and late checkout (excluding Sunday).


Daily Rate: $55
Additional Dog(s): $45