Please feel free to call us at (865) 675-0799 to ask any questions not covered in the below FAQ. We want you to feel comfortable with our services and know how to plan your stay with us.

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What is the earliest I can drop off my pet?
We open at 8:00 am, Monday through Saturday.
What is the latest I can pick up my pet?
Anytime before our closing time which is 6:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We do close at 2:00 pm on Wednesday and Saturday.
Can I pick up my pet on Sunday?
We are available 7 days per week; however we do limit our Sunday hours to between 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm in the afternoon. To staff properly for Sunday, it is necessary to charge for the entire day, however you will never be charged an additional service fee. You are our guest.
How are my boarding charges calculated?
Think of us like a hotel – we charge for your day of arrival. Our check-out time is 12:00 p.m. If you check-out before 12:00 p.m. you are not charged for that day. On weekdays, Monday through Saturday, if your pet gets bathed or groomed on the day of departure, you are allowed late check-out without paying for the day. Late check-out is an amenity which comes with Kottage or Guest House boarding on weekdays. Sunday is the only day that we do not offer late check-out options.
What are the primary advantages of boarding over in-home pet care?
Your pet will receive supervision and attention throughout the day while being observed by staff who are trained to spot problems. You will also have the peace of mind in knowing that your pet is housed in a safe and comfortable environment designed specifically to meet your pet’s daily needs.
What do I need to bring with my dog or cat?

Personal Belongings:
We provide bedding for both dogs and cats. We use fleece pads that are washed daily. If you think your pet will be happier with a bed from home, please feel free to bring it along. Also, toys and chews are good to keep your pet occupied. Please, no rawhide products or breakable dishes.

We feed Nature’s Select Super Premium Pet Foods to our guests, but if your pet is on a special or prescription diet you will always want to bring food from home. We require that you bring prelabeled and premeasured bags of food for each meal. This ensures correct feeding each meal. Just be sure that you bring enough food to meet the daily feeding requirements for your pet’s stay with us.

If your pet is under one year of age, has a sensitive stomach or is elderly, we recommend not changing their diet. Otherwise, our food should work very well. Please do not bring bowls from home; we would prefer to use ours. 

Is someone on the premises 24 hours?
Years of experience has proven to us that the cats and dogs actually look forward to us going away and leaving them to the peace and quite of the evening. There is more than adequate staff time scheduled to take care of our guest’s daily needs. We have never worried a minute about leaving our own pets and show dogs at All Kreatures overnight.

Our Vaccination requirement is simply this; we go by the protocol of your Veterinarian. These required vaccines include rabies, bordetella, distemper/parvo, and the canine influenza. We ask that you have documentation as to the date that Vaccinations were given and/or will be due. All Vaccinations must be given by or under the supervision of a Licensed Veterinarian.

We do require that all Vaccinations be given at a minimum of 48 hours prior to boarding. This is for the protection of your pet and the other pets who are boarding with us. There will be no exceptions to this policy!

WE NOW REQUIRE ALL DOGS TO HAVE THE CANINE INFLUENZA VACCINE – PLEASE SEE YOUR VETERINARIAN. As with all other vaccinations, these will require the 48 hour minimum out-time prior to boarding. 

Can you give medication and do you charge for this service?
We will be happy to administer any oral or topical medications to your pet while staying with us at no extra charge. We will need for you to bring an adequate amount of the medication and precise instructions on how they are to be given.
What is the difference between a Kottage and a Conventional Kennel?
Our Kottages are set up like small rooms in your home. They include several services not included in the Conventional boarding. Our Conventional Kennel is a unique set-up that functions like an indoor-outdoor kennel, but the outdoor section is inside a climate controlled building which allows the dog to have the full use of the enclosure during poor weather and during the night.
How often will my dog go out to potty?
We will take every dog out to potty twice per day for an extended time in an individual exercise yard while we are doing a complete sanitation in their suite. There is no additional charge for this break. If you wish for your pet to have an Activity, you can request this service for an additional charge.
If my dog will not go potty on cement or in gravel what will you do?
This is a common concern, especially with people who have the well house-trained dog. Usually, the dog will sense that they are in a doggy place and will go. Many people will bring potty pads and that works quite well. We will monitor your dog closely, especially on the first board and will make the needed adjustments to make sure that they are going potty.
Will my pet be allowed to play with other pets?
Our long-time philosophy remains that it is not responsible to allow pets from different families to play together. All of our activities are individual or with members of the same household and one of our trained activity staff. Interactive play or group socialization is not a service offered at our facility. Remember, dogs and cats are away from home and their human family. It is comforting to have personal interaction.   
What is your policy for dogs over the age of ten?
Older pets removed from a normal environment are placed under a great deal of stress. If they are not used to us, it is even more stressful. To conscientiously care for the elderly pet, we require a written note from your Veterinarian stating that the pet’s health should not be compromised by boarding with us. Twelve is the maximum age limit for pets who have not been staying with us on a regular basis. Any current client over the age of twelve is up the owner’s discretion. There are also restrictions on the type of medication that we can administer. Pets needing sub-q medications or fluids, or any substance consistent with a pet with a chronic, life-threatening condition cannot board with us. We recommend that you speak to your Veterinarian for referral.
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