Playtime, Nature Walks and Kitty Kuddles are individual activities, always one-on-one between your pet and one of our trained activity staff. We feel that it is important for dogs and cats to get the daily attention that they are accustomed to at home. Activity time also gives us the opportunity to gain a relationship with each pet. Because each dog and cat is different, activities are optional and not included in the daily boarding rate.

Playtime (Dogs)

Playtime is $9.00 per 20 minute session and is offered up to 3 times per day. Two dogs boarding together can play for $15.00 per 20 minute session.

Nature Walks (Dogs)

Nature Walks are $9.00 per 20 minute session and are offered up to 3 times per day. For the safety of your dog(s) we do not offer multiple pet Nature Walks.

Kitty Kuddle (Cats)

Kitty Kuddle is offered at $5.00 per 15 minute session and can be scheduled up to 3 times per day. We offer a multiple pet rate of $2.00 per 15 minute session for each additional cat boarding in the same enclosure.

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