We have been in the Pet Care Business for 24 years. Before opening All Kreatures, we were internationally known and respected for our Siberian Huskies in both breeding and showing. We have built a sterling reputation with our concept of Pet Boarding and Grooming in Knoxville with both our clients and the veterinary community. We are family owned and managed, so we take our business very seriously.

In recent years, home-bound pet care has become an alternative for traditional boarding care. There are obvious advantages to your dog or cat staying in your home, but there are also many disadvantages. Here are few to consider:

– Time spent with the pet. Unless you engage the sitter to stay for multiple hours, there is no way the pet is getting the attention and observation that they require.

– Boredom is a large cause of stress. Dogs, more so than Cats, are social animals and do not do well when spending time alone. Accidents in the home due to boredom can be devastating.

– Emergency situations such as inclement weather may prohibit the sitter from getting to your house.

– Power outages, especially in the summer months pose great risk for your pet.

At All Kreatures, each pet is required to be current in all vaccinations, including canine influenza. Our premises are sanitized twice daily. We have sanitation walls between every kennel and suite. Dishes and bowls are sanitized between each use.

We offer one-on-one activities to meet your pet’s exact needs. Even if you choose not to add the extra activity option, the pets are taken out for potty at a minimum of twice per day and have people to see and interact with constantly during the day.

For these reasons, we feel that our concept in Pet Care is superior to Alternate Care. We invite you to come by and tour our facility and meet the people that will be caring for your pet. Read our reviews from customers who have used our services for many years. We look forward to meeting you and your four-legged companion!

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